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Agility and ball driving - Valencia FC

Agility and ball driving - Valencia FC

  • 5 cones (4 orange, 1 yellow)
  • Balls
  • Playing area: 15x15 meters
  • Players: 12
  • Running time: 12 minutes
  • Series: 2 series of 5 minutes with a 2 minutes pause of passive recovery
Summary Secondary Objectives
With this exercise we train agility, driving and ball control
Inside of the foot, Instep, Change of direction
Using the cones make a square of 10x10 meters, for one of the 4 sides use the yellow cone (Starting point). In the center of the square place the fifth cone. Number cones as shown in the picture. Players stand behind the yellow cone, give a ball to each one of them.
  1. Players start dribbling from cone 1 towards the central cone 2
  2. As they get closer to the central cone, the player stops the ball with the sole, to then surround the cone in speed and as they goes to cone 3
  3. Once cone 3 has been surrounded, with a change in direction, the player sprints towards cone 4
  4. Once cone 4 has been surrounded, with a change in direction, the player sprints towards the central cone 2
  5. Once the ball has been recovered, the player dribbles the ball to reach cone 5, they surrounds it and finish the exercise dribbling in cone 1
  • The exercise continues, each player starts when their mate has arrived to cone 4


  1. Ask players to dribbling with their weak foot
  2. Ask players to dribbling with a certain part of their foot
  3. Enlarge the dimensions of the square
Coaching Points
  • Encourage players to touch the ball as many times as possible while dribbling
  • During the change in direction players must execute fast and short steps
  • Reduce to its minimum pauses during the exercise

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