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Theme match: 4vs4 +1 with side supports

Theme match: 4vs4 +1 with side supports

  • 6 markers
  • Sufficient balls for continuity
  • 4 poles
  • 5 vests
  • Playing area: 21x15 meters
  • Players: 10
  • Duration: 24 minutes
  • Series: 4 matches of 4 minutes (2 minute of passive recovery)
Summary Secondary Objectives
An exercise to train passes and collaboration with younger players
Losing your marker, Pass, Mobility

Delimit two wide areas of abot 3 meters. Make 2 goals of about 2 meters with the poles in the middle of the long sides of the rectangle (See picture). Divide the team into two groups of 5 players using vests. 8 players (4 per team) go inside the central square, while one player per team goes to the sideways areas.

  • The game is developed as a 4vs4 possession inside the square and then shooting at goal
  • Players from inside the square execute certain passes (Using the supports) before being able to shoot at goal
  • The objective is to execute 5 consecutive passes and 2 supports before shooting with the help of the fifth player
  • Players swap positions after each series


  • Support players cannot get in the square unless they have executed at least 2 passes before the team loses possession
  • After 2 consecutive supports the player gets in the square and the game becomes a 5vs4 with finishing
  • Players from both teams can score in any of the goals
  • If the ball is recovered while the 5vs4 is being developed then the player must go back to their position on the touchline as soon as possible
  • The 5 passes plus the 2 supports are worth 1 point
  • Scoring is worth 1 point
  1. Increase or decrease the dimensions of the pitch based on the age and on players' skills
  2. Eliminate the goals in order to focus the attention only on the development of the possession
  3. Leave supports always outside the pitch
Coaching Points
  • With younger players the game teaches the functional move of the teammate's position
  • Support players must constantly follow the action, trying to be in line with the ball and ready to receive the pass
  • Keeping possession is key for building the game

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